Energy Healing

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Start you healing journey with an energy healing session. Stephanie mixes Reiki with other energy healing techniques to create a unique healing session for you.

Oracle Card Readings

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Similar to Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards can give you guidance and answers to life’s questions. Let Stephanie help guide you to the answers you are seeking.


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Join Stephanie in person for informative workshops teaching you tips and tools to help you along your spiritual and healing journeys. Workshops added regularly.


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How to meditate…

Even when you think you can’t.




“Overall impression of the service is excellent! I can only go on my feeling after the session and pretty much less than 24hrs later I’m feeling more energetic and clear minded than I’ve felt in a long time. I am also feeling a great sense of motivation in terms of my work and my mind seems to be much quieter than usual as I have a tendency to overthink a lot! This in particular is a great relief for me.

The most beneficial thing for me was getting insight into myself in terms of some of my personal traits and thought patterns that have been potentially holding back in my life to date! The session notes were extremely helpful and informative!“

Paulie, Distance Healing

The deep healing that came from our sessions and the insights, tools and resources that Stephanie shared with me. The notes Stephanie sent following our sessions were so thorough, professional and built on the experience. These energy healing sessions deepened my knowledge of my own internal resources and those available externally too.

Physical benefits - I have more awareness of body tension I was holding and since the sessions it's easier for me to know how to release it. This accelerated my physiotherapy and physical healing. Spiritual awakening and transcendence that occurred in our sessions Deeper awareness and epiphanies that occurred after sessions I experience a greater sense of joy that I attribute to deep healing that was supported by these energy healing sessions I have greater confidence with meditation and it has deepened my practice.”

  • Katie, Energy Healing


The Chakras

Get to know your chakra system