About Stephanie Ablett


I am a Jack of all Trades in a way.  I have found love in many fields and think of myself as a student of Earth, as many of us are.  We are here to learn and be guided, following our passions wherever they take us, in service to others.  Seeking knowledge and helping each other become more, as we expand and grow.

Energy Healing has been something that has brought immense light to my soul over the last 10 years. It has brought me far along my spiritual journey and allowed me to use my gifts to help others, in healing and in service.

The first step down this path was with Holistic Nutrition, where my roots began in healing, both my own healing and my yearning for helping others on their own healing journey.  I finished the Holistic Nutritionist program at IHN (the Institute of Holistic Nutrition) with Honours and embarked on my journey in healing others.  I saw clients privately, taught workshops, taught cooking classes and wrote articles for various website and small publications.

Nutrition training explored many avenues but the one that caught my heart was Psychology of Disease, which was an exploration into the field of Energy Medicine.  Being an all around sensitive person (what some would refer to as an empath), I was already privy to sensing energy.  The desire to dive deep into the world of Spirituality and energetics was alive in me and I felt a strong calling to explore further.  After finishing my training at IHN, I endlessly explored books, recordings, classes and treatments in the field of energy work and started to build my own toolbox of techniques and exercises.

Reiki training really helped my confidence as a healer and truly opened the door to my path down this road.  Between that and an endless study and practice of energy healing, I have created a unique practice for my clients.

As a Reiki/Energy practitioner, I am dedicated to working with you to find your path to healing and to expanding your awareness of the connection between body and mind, energetics and the physical. Together we can help release what is blocking or holding you back so that you can reach your optimal self and live your best life!

If you'd like to explore working with me further, please visit Energy Healing or book a session below.