Isn’t it time you had more pep in your step and a deeper sense of self? Energy healing can bring true, lasting transformation for those who are ready to dive deep and open themselves to the journey. Some benefits my clients have been seeing:

  • increased energy

  • mental clarity

  • accelerated physical healing

  • spiritual awakening

  • deeper awareness of self and spirit

  • greater sense of joy

  • tapping into the root of problems

  • feeling lighter and more balanced

  • feeling calm within oneself

My healing work is not your regular standardized Reiki treatment. I use a mixture of Reiki and various other energy healing techniques to create a unique healing session for you.  The session is set up in the same way Reiki is, where you will be fully clothed, comfortably laying on a massage table. You will experience gentle sensations and will become deeply relaxed.  You may even fall asleep which is perfectly normal.  Some clients experience body sensations, some see colours and pictures and some even feel as if they've been taken out of body in the most wonderful way. The sessions are carried out intuitively so each one is very unique to you and your needs.

Each session is anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on your healing needs.  On the first session we will set aside extra time to discuss your medical history, current health state and your healing goals.  Whether you're in need of one session or 20, I will work with you for as long as you see fit.

Throughout the session I will be taking notes on anything that I sense or any information that I am given throughout. These notes will be discussed at the end of the session (along with your experiences with the session) and a full break down will be given via email within 24 hours of the session. This email will also include any exercises or references that may be helpful for you. My clients have found that these emails/notes are one of the most valuable parts of my services and allows you to take the healing and learning further. They are a truly priceless part of my work.

I am dedicated to making each session as personal, comfortable and informative as I can and I profoundly admire you for taking these first steps into your healing journey!  This is a big step forward and isn't always an easy one, so congratulations for saying "Yes" and committing to new, positive changes in your health!  

It is important to note that I am not actually responsible for any healing that may or may not occur during our sessions together.  The true healing resides in you and together we work to bring you what you need to create transformation in your life.

You are the sole creator of your health and your healing begins and ends with you.  I will simply be the facilitator.  Don't let that sound discouraging though.  You hold the power to your wellness (which is an incredible gift!) and I will help guide and support you in every way that I can while we work together.  

If you’re not quite sure if Energy Healing is right for you, contact Stephanie for a free 15 minute phone consultation


Work with me on a regular basis or once every couple of weeks. A single session gives flexibility to see me when you need me. This service includes 1-1.5 hours of energy work, time to speak with Stephanie about what is going on and what you would like to work on, and an in depth email post session explaining all that happened during the session, the messages that were passed on to you, and exercises and tips that may be helpful to you moving forward. For continuous work, see my package options below.

As with all my work, ongoing email support is always available. If you would like further suggestions or to ask more questions, I am available to support you beyond our sessions together.


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This package is for 4 sessions; one per week, over the course of one month. Each session will be up to 120 minutes and will include notes, tools and exercises that are most relevant for you at that time. All notes collected by Stephanie from the session are emailed to you within 24 hours. Email support between sessions is always available, as well as after our sessions have concluded.

If you have some long term wellness goals in mind, a one month or two month package would be suggested. This allows Stephanie to work with you on these goals, working energetically on the physical and emotional bodies and delivering you tools and exercises catered lovingly for you, that would help you receive healing on a deeper level.

4 sessions (up to 2 hours each session)

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Work with Stephanie to keep your energy flowing and balanced. Energy Healing follow ups are 60 minutes with 45 minutes of energy work. Stephanie will take notes on insights and impressions made during session, and all notes will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Email support between sessions is always available, as well as after sessions have concluded. This option is available after your first session and can be booked weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on your needs.

1 hour session

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If you are not located in Hamilton, Ontario - or Canada, for that matter - Stephanie is still able to work with you using Distance Healing. Distance Healing works similarly to a regular session but is not limited to the confines of time and space. A time will be selected, that works best for you, and Stephanie will ask that you simply take some time to yourself, be open to allowing the healing energy in and asking your guides to be present during the healing. Distance Healing works very well just before sleep, but can be done at any time.

Distance Healing is very gentle but can bring great relaxation and rejuvenation when needed. After the session, Stephanie will send you an email with any impressions or messages she received during the session.

(30-60mins, duration varies depending on client’s needs)



Crystal healing is a way to reach even deeper into ourselves and release that which is no longer serving us. This may include energetic blocks, emotional blocks or other issues related to trauma or limiting beliefs. Incorporating the use of crystals in a session combines the various healing powers of crystals alongside the healing power of energy work, to create a very deep healing session.

As with any energy healing session, you must be ready to dive deep and release the blocks and issues that are no longer serving you in order for the healing to occur. Your dedication to the session and Stephanie’s dedication to the transference of light energy will create a profound healing session for you.

1.5 - 2 hour session


What clients are saying:


“Steph is incredibly gifted. She is intuitive and insightful and on point. I always feel so much lighter and what Ive since learned is a feeling of being more balanced, or in tune after a session. I personally feel calmer within myself since the first session which has carried on to the present day. Im looking forward to our maintenance sessions in the future! :-)”

Natasha, Distance Healing

“The deep healing that came from our sessions and the insights, tools and resources that Stephanie shared with me. The notes Stephanie sent following our sessions were so thorough, professional and built on the experience. These energy healing sessions deepened my knowledge of my own internal resources and those available externally too.

Physical benefits - I have more awareness of body tension I was holding and since the sessions it's easier for me to know how to release it. This accelerated my physiotherapy and physical healing. Spiritual awakening and transcendence that occurred in our sessions Deeper awareness and epiphanies that occurred after sessions I experience a greater sense of joy that I attribute to deep healing that was supported by these energy healing sessions I have greater confidence with meditation and it has deepened my practice.”

  • Katie, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing