What is an Oracle Card Reading?

Oracle cards are a fun and wonderful way to gain more insight into the deeper meaning behind certain aspects of life. Whether it be love, career path, life path…receiving an oracle card reading can expand your view on these topics and help you to see the deeper energetic ties connected to them.

Stephanie LOVES working with oracle cards and has been using them to not only find guidance and answers in her own life, but those around her as well.  The answers can be literal or figurative and are always an accurate representation of the situation at that moment in time. The answers are not definitive as we always have control of the outcome, but more of an energetic overview of what is possible. Stephanie likes to focus on giving you guidance you can use to make decisions and move forward in your life and that is what her readings focus on.

Oracle card readings are fun and introspective and help us to ponder our decisions and thoughts, and to give a reminder that no matter what, we are not alone and in fact have guidance at all times. Oracle card readings help to find answers that are of our highest interest in order to move forward in our lives. If you feel like this kind of guidance would be useful to you, get in touch with Stephanie now.

How it works - please read

When you request an oracle card reading from Stephanie, it is a deeply spiritual and meditative process for Stephanie. These readings are not performed like tarot readings or psychic readings, but are a thorough capture of guidance for your question(s). Stephanie performs her readings in private, creating a sacred space in her home with guidance from angels and the higher selves of those involved. You do not need to be present for these readings to occur or be accurate as Stephanie works with your higher self to capture the most important guidance pertaining to your question(s). It is a sacred, ritual process that Stephanie honours in order to receive the best guidance for you.

Once the cards have been chosen and the guidance received, Stephanie will create a personalized document capturing all of the elements of the reading, which is emailed to you within 3 days of your reading. This document can then be read whenever you want to reflect on the guidance you were given. It has been captured for you to give thought to whenever you need it so that you may use the guidance to move forward in your life.

Oracle Cards can help give insight into larger matters in our lives like career path, life path, relationships, etc. OR they can be chosen for guidance on smaller matters focusing on the week or month ahead of you. A simple card reading is 1-3 cards and an advanced card reading (for more in depth insight) is 7+ cards. See below for full details.



If you feel like you are at a crossroads in your life or are in need of some guidance about larger issues, an advanced card reading may be very helpful. Sometimes we can’t seem to find answers and need a little more insight. Oracle card readings are perfect for those times. Maybe you’re going through some big transitions, or maybe it’s time to dive deeper into your soul for insight. Let Stephanie help you!

An advanced card reading includes a 7 or more card spread with an overview of past issues, current road blocks and future outlooks. The messages may be literal or figurative and are not intended to predict any future outcomes but to instead give insight into what energies may come into play. And no matter what, we are always in full control of our choices and the future is dependent on which choices we make. This oracle card reading will help to navigate the emotions and energy around bigger issues, decisions or paths in our lives.

You will receive your reading as an in depth PDF file to help you apply the reading to your life, sent by email for you to review any time you wish.

Advanced Reading: $55 + HST



Do you have a specific question or area in life that you’d like some more guidance on? Let Stephanie intuitively choose THREE cards for you that you may shine some more light on the issue or subject.

A simple card reading is great for insight on current issues like your love life, job outlook or career path. Let Stephanie help access some insight for you, to help inspire you and spark your own intuitive guidance.

Your reading will be received as a PDF document with an in depth explanation to help you apply it to your life, sent by email for you to review any time you wish.

Three Card Spread: $40 +HST



Need a little inspiration for the week or month ahead? Let Stephanie intuitively choose a card for you that will help to fill your week or month with inspiration.

This option can alternatively include an affirmation from your Higher Self (personally tailored to you). Let Stephanie create an affirmation specifically crafted for you, that you can use for the week or months ahead. Stephanie will seek the guidance of your higher self to tailor this affirmation specifically to you.

This options comes with an in depth explanation to help you apply it to your life, sent by email for you to review any time you wish.

One Card Spread: $15 +HST


“I absolutely loved my Oracle card reading experience. The easy to follow format included with the card images were very helpful and easy to follow. The explanations and write up for each card were very thorough and detailed. I found myself going back to the reading throughout my first week and also re-affirming my goal and focus for weeks and months following our reading. It is a great reference to have on hand for myself to return to time and again.

The benefit would be the positive outlook and solutions to current struggles or goals. I also found it to be quite meditative - both the initial brainstorming to come up with what I wanted to focus the reading on and also taking time to go through the reading. It allowed me to take time for myself to tune in and turn inward to focus on my goal for the reading. I found it was a positive way to hold myself accountable to keep my goal in check and it offered new ways to view my "focus" or "goal" or "struggle."“

Kristen, Oracle Card Reading

“Helped me gain insight into my questions so that I may feel empowered to move forward and take focused action in my life. Her deeply intuitive and calming manner with which she presents herself and her readings was beneficial.

Very informative and deeply grateful for it. :)”

Candice, Oracle Card Reading


DISCLAIMER: Oracle card readings are for entertainment purposes and are only offered with the intention to give positive guidance and inspiration.  I assume no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, my oracle card readings.  Oracle card reading in no way predicts any outcome or future event.  It is only to be used as a form of guidance and a loving response.  

If you’re not sure about having a reading done but want to learn how to work with oracle cards on your own, please see my article Easy How To: Working with Oracle Cards!