First Chakra


(Sanskrit for “root”)

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is referred to as the “Root Chakra” and helps to keep you rooted to the earth and the earth’s energy. It governs primal needs connected to survival, security, community, family; essentially the things we need to lay our “roots” down. It is also what helps us remain grounded on this plane.

Each chakra has body systems and organs associated with them and the first chakra is connected to the blood, bones, lower back, hips, legs, feet, teeth, immune system, adrenal glands and large intestine.

It is connected with all things “I HAVE”, for example “I have the right to have/own…” or “I have the right to be here, to exist, to occupy this space.” It is about claiming ownership, claiming the right to have. It is also connected to feeling safety and security within the world and within ourselves. The first chakra helps us feel stable, relaxed, grounded and full of vital energy.

When this chakra is imbalanced, we are filled with the sense of FEAR. We do not feel safe in our environment and surroundings, we feel disconnected from others, our family, our community. We can feel ungrounded and uprooted from our surroundings, and life.

Healing elements are walking barefoot outside, walking the earth and connecting our bodies to the earth; the colour RED, having strong connections with our family, friends and community - having safe attachments to people you can trust and who trust you. If you are feeling an imbalance in your first chakra, take time to reconnect with your body; feel your physicality, exercise using weights or aerobics, run, walk, go for reflexology, do squats… Feel yourself securely grounded and your body stable and alive.

Second Chakra


(Sanskrit for “sweetness”)

The second chakra is at the lower abdomen. It is referred to as the “Sacral Chakra” and is associated with all things sexual, sensual and desire or pleasure based. It governs our emotions, our emotional intelligence and our ability to receive, be interdependent and have healthy boundaries for ourselves, to receive pleasure, to procreate, to desire and to nurture. It is our sense of emotional connection after we have stabilized and grounded ourselves to our bodies and the earth.

Each chakra has body systems and organs associated with them and the second chakra is connected to the sexual/reproductive organs, the kidneys, the bladder and the circulatory system.

It is associated with our emotions and feelings and how well we are connected with them as well as how well we can express them. “I FEEL…” represents our connection to this chakra as well as our abilities to desire, have pleasure, have emotional stability and reproduce.

When this chakra is imbalanced, we are filled with the sense of GUILT. We may have trauma associated with sex or pleasure and we may feel emotionally unstable and unable to express how we are feeling. We may become rigid and cold as well as lacking in any desire for pleasure, passion or excitement. This chakra is also heavily associated with boundaries which, when imbalanced, brings a sense of feeling like a “door mat.”

Healing elements for the second chakra are the colour ORANGE, working on and releasing trauma (especially childhood trauma, sexual trauma, emotional trauma or reproductive trauma), working on and setting healthy boundaries, movement and flow of movement in the body, healthy expression of desires and feeling, and the element of water. The element of water can be very healing for this chakra. Walk by bodies of water, listen to recordings of rain or flowing streams, or swim.

Third Chakra


(Sanskrit for “lustrous gem”)

The third chakra is located at the solar plexus and is referred to as the “Solar Plexus Chakra.” It is known as the “seat of intuition” and is associated with our interaction with the world and our own will. This chakra is heavily connected with the expression of our ego and how we allow our ego to direct us, or control us.

Each chakra has body systems and organs associated with them and the third chakra is connected to the digestive system, liver, stomach, spleen, muscles and mouth.

It is connected with all things “I CAN” as the expression of our will and will power. The third chakra is a very important chakra and is where we get the first intuitive senses in the body. When we have a “gut reaction” or a “gut feeling”, that is our intuition being activated through our third chakra.

When this chakra is imbalanced, we are filled with the sense of SHAME. Our sense of self is distorted and our self esteem is effected. Imbalance in this chakra is associated with poor or compromised digestion, as we are not “digesting” the way we fit into the world or how we are interacting with others or using our will. We let our ego control us instead of commanding our will.

Healing elements for the third chakra are associated with being proactive, claiming your will power, claiming your sense of self or autonomy and individuality and taking agile risks. This chakra can be fueled and balanced by vigorous exercise or nurtured with deep relaxation. The colour YELLOW is very balancing for the third chakra, as well as the element of FIRE. Visualize a fire of will and determination in your belly to motivate you. Ignite the fire in your belly to fuel your digestion as well.

The fourth chakra is located at the heart and is referred to as the “Heart Chakra.” It is our connection to love and understanding. This chakra bonds the lower and upper bodies together to fuel the self into discovery beyond the physical.

Each chakra has body systems and organs associated with them and the fourth chakra is associated with the heart, lungs, thymus gland, hands and arms.

It is connected with all things “I LOVE…” and is associated with our ability to be loving, empathetic, compassionate and at peace. A very important element to this chakra is our ability to give and receive UNCONDITIONALLY. It is also where we find love for ourselves.

When this chakra is imbalanced, we are filled with the sense of GRIEF and associate with having a “broken heart.” This chakra is where we hold loss, abandonment, rejection and betrayal. If our heart chakra is not functioning properly, we may become isolated, mistrusting, judgmental and critical of others, or feel a deep sense of loneliness or depression. If we’ve been hurt in the past and do not heal our heart chakra, we will begin to fear relationships with others and show signs of lacking compassion or empathy.

Healing elements for the fourth chakra are related to self discovery and examining ourselves on a deeper level; finding the reasons why we were hurt, and how we can release and heal that pain. FORGIVENESS is a very important element in healing the heart as well. We must forgive ourselves and others in order to release and heal past experiences. Other healing elements include the colours GREEN or PINK, breath work, seeking out connection and practicing compassion and empathy towards others. We are all deeply connected to love in this life, as it is the energy that fuels us all.

Fourth Chakra


(Sanskrit for “unstruck”)

The fifth chakra is located at the throat and is therefore referred to as the “Throat Chakra.” It is our center of expression; our voice and our ability to fully express ourselves in the world. This also applies to our creative expression, which is governed by the fifth chakra.

Each chakra has body systems and organs associated with them and the fifth chakra is associated with the throat, thyroid, neck, shoulders, hands and arms.

It is connected with the expression “I SPEAK…” and is associated with our ability to speak our minds, speak our truth, articulate ourselves, communicate our needs and also our ability to LISTEN. The throat chakra is where we find our voice and verbalize ourselves. It is also the chakra associated with sound and even the act of making sound through our voice can help activate and cultivate a strong fifth chakra.

When this chakra is imbalanced, we may be filled with LIES. We may find ourselves speaking too much and too fast, or we may have lost the ability to speak our minds or speak with our authentic voice. We may be gossiping or telling lies to others, using our voices for hurt instead of practicing constructive and loving communication. We may be forceful with our words, yelling, screaming or demanding to be heard in aggressive ways, or we may refuse to speak at all.

Healing elements for the fifth chakra are music, singing, chanting; finding ways to authentically use our voice through creative expression, storytelling, writing, journaling. Whatever feels like an authentic expression for you would be healing for this chakra. If there’s been too much activity at the throat, sit in silence and let your voice rest. If there’s been inactivity and too much silence, we can find ways to use our voice in constructive and loving ways. Listening to, and writing music can be very healing for the fifth chakra.

Fifth Chakra


(Sanskrit for “purification”)

The sixth chakra is located just above the brow and is referred to as the “Third Eye Chakra.” It is here that we are called to take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions as they all hold energy that causes physical consequences. It is the first chakra that brings us out of the physical and into the ether and planes of existence beyond the physical. It connects us to our intuition and the guidance given to us from beyond the physical. It is the eye to our soul and adventures outside the earthen plane.

Each chakra has body systems and organs associated with them and the sixth chakra is connected to the eyes, nose, sinuses and the pineal gland.

The third eye chakra is associated with our intuition, imagination, our mind’s eye, insight and all things “I SEE.” The sixth chakra is where we visualize and where we focus when meditating. This chakra is very much about building our intuitive gifts and TRUSTING the knowledge and wisdom that comes.

When this chakra is imbalanced, we can feel cut off from our inner world. We may have difficulty remembering or recalling, we may not be able to visualize or focus enough to meditate, we may feel a lack of creativity or imagination. Imbalance in this chakra forms a sense of ILLUSION. We may become confused by what we intuit or we may feel cut off from our intuitive gifts completely. In extreme imbalance, there may even be hallucinations, delusions, or nightmares. Imbalance can also manifest as sore eyes, strained or blurred vision, headaches or even blindness.

Healing elements for the sixth chakra include meditation with emphasis on visualization, psychotherapy, hypnosis, past life regression, or guided meditation. The sixth chakra benefits from visual stimulation which can include colour therapy or creating/viewing visual art. Close your eyes and imagine the colour INDIGO (a deep, blueish purple colour). See that colour as brightly and fully as you can, through your mind’s eye. Spend some time seeing this colour and bring it into your forehead, into your third eye. The more time you spend visualizing and using your mind to “see”, the easier it will become. Our mind is like a muscle that also needs exercise for strength and endurance. Because the sixth chakra governs the pineal gland, we can also help strengthen and support our pineal gland with purified water (as fluoride treated water has been associated with the calcification of the pineal gland). Drinking plenty of purified water will not only benefit the sixth chakra but the entire body as a whole.

Sixth Chakra


(Sanskrit for “to perceive and command”)

The seventh chakra is located a few inches above the top of the head and is referred to as the “Crown Chakra.” The crown chakra is our connection to the spiritual realm and all other planes of existence beyond the physical plane. It is where we bring universal energy into the body to feed and restore the chakras and is therefore very important for the development of the personality as well as the growth of the person mentally and spiritually. The crown chakra is our connection to the Universe and the Universal Mind.

Each chakra has body systems and organs associated with them and the seventh chakra is connected to the brain (specifically the cerebral cortex) and the central nervous system.

It is associated with our consciousness as a human and a sentient being. It is connected to our ability to learn, perceive and take in knowledge, as well as apply and conceptualize that knowledge. It is connected to open mindedness, mental alertness, being aware and mentally activated. It is also the chakra intrinsically connected with our spirituality.

When this chakra is imbalanced, we become closed minded and certain our beliefs and way of life is the “right” way, making all other beliefs “wrong.” We do not analyze or perceive openly, accepting of other opinions and we begin to live through the lower chakras alone, stuck in the idea that the physical world is all there is, perceiving with very rigid views and thinking. There may be issues of materialism or the need to dominate others (especially through our opinions, believing ours to be “superior”), we may have a lot of confusion because of the lack of mental clarity and we may become apathetic and deeply depressed. Imbalance may manifest as migraines, brain tumors, cognitive ailments, amnesia or even coma.

Healing elements for the seventh chakra expanding our awareness, openly listening and accepting other people’s beliefs

Seventh Chakra


(Sanskrit for “thousandfold”)

This page references the work of Anodea Judith, from her books Wheels of Life (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2012) and Eastern Body, Western Mind (Celestial Arts, 2004). For more information about Anodea Judith, visit