First of all, congratulations for taking the hardest step towards healing - the first step! You have the power within you to heal and together we can work to get you feeling wonderful again. If you are ready to dive deep into the world of energy, spirituality, and self reflection, then let’s begin your journey together.


A session with Stephanie can be anywhere between 1 hour to 2 hours long. It begins with a short chat to outline where you would like to focus, a bit of backstory about your past, what your most important health goals are and what you may experience while I’m working on you. Anything stated in the session is completely confidential so that you feel safe to talk about the real issues you are troubled with. Stephanie is there for you, to listen and to plan the healing session accordingly.

You will lay down on your back, on a massage table, fully clothed. Stephanie’s personal practice involves a mixture of both hands on and hands off healing and will be set to your comfort level. Most of the time, Stephanie’s hands will be hovering about 6 inches above your body as she works with your energy and energy centers (your chakras).

The most important part about the actual healing session is your level of comfort and security. It is very important for you to feel completely safe and secure so that you can be fully present and open to the healing energy. It will be much more beneficial to you if you are ready to dive into it and be open to whatever may come up. Energy work can bring about many sensations - you may feel fuzziness around the areas where the energy is being transferred, you may see colours or visions, you may experience an almost out of body sensation, or you may even fall asleep.

It is heavily encouraged that you be open to whatever comes up and to not dismiss anything you hear, sense or see (in your mind’s eye). Messages are often given and those messages may hold powerful keys to your healing.

Throughout the session, Stephanie will take notes on any impressions or messages she gets during the session. This may include visions, the presence of spirits or family members, exercises that may benefit you, or other impressions that may be helpful for your healing. Stephanie is committed to being present, focused and open to whatever comes up while she works with you in session.

When the session is complete, she will ask you to take a moment to come back to present and sit up. She will then invite you to share anything that you experienced throughout the session, followed by all of her experiences working on you. All of these notes, including in depth information about exercises, practices or anything else that was passed on, will be sent to you in an email within 24 hours of your session. You are always free to ask any further questions about these notes/exercises and Stephanie will do her best to explain them further.

If you feel that you would benefit from a healing session with Stephanie, please fill in the booking form by following the link below.