Join Stephanie in a small, safe and comfortable group setting, for an evening of meditation, visualization and relaxation where she will teach you basic practices in self care with energy. If you want to learn more about the world of energy medicine, learn practical tools and connect with yourself on a deeper, soul level - this workshop is for you.

Explore the basics of sensing energy, the chakras, finding energetic blocks in the body, and so much more. This workshop will give you many tools that you can use to help energetically balance and restore yourself and loved ones.

No prerequisites required. Come be part of an open minded group, ready to have fun, explore and feel illuminated!

Topics that will be explored:

- What is Energy?

- Sensing Energy in the Body

- Chakra Basics

- Tuning into Your Body for Self Healing

- Introduction to Working with Your Guides

- How to Cut Energetic Cords

and More!

Benefits of taking this class:

- Practical tools to help you connect with your body in a whole new way (emotionally, physically and energetically)

- A higher awareness of the world around you (feeling more “tuned in” and aware)

- Visualization tools to help keep your energy bodies clear and vibrant

- Energetic and Visualization tools to help release emotional blocks

- Meditations to help reduce stress, anxiety, negativity and overwhelm

And so much more!

This class includes a virtual 15 page PDF handout with detailed information on all of the learned practices and techniques.

2 hour class             

There are no current dates available for this workshop. Please check back, or subscribe below to stay in the loop!