Radical Change with Self Love


Whenever I come across something that I feel is incredibly important for healing, I like to share it here on the blog. This video below checks that box completely!

Lynnette Duncan (@oracleofyoursoul) is a life coach, astrologer, energy healer, spiritual mentor and hypnotherapist extraordinaire. I came across her work a few months back on instagram and was captivated by her messages and videos. Her work really resonates with me.

The other week, I had some time to myself one morning and was being spiritually nudged to check out her stuff. To my (not so) surprise, Lynnette had just uploaded a video explaining her self love healing methods. This fit in so perfectly well with other messages I was receiving about my own healing that I sat down, grabbed my notebook and a pen, and watched it right then and there.

This is the video below and I would HIGHLY recommend you find time to watch all of it. It’s going to change your life.

It is important to reiterate that this is an ONGOING healing method. Self love is always ongoing as we experience and change constantly. This can become your self love practice.

That being said, this practice can bring on immense healing, now. As you begin to address your emotions and call forth different aspects of yourself, you begin to peel back the layers to your core self. I love that Lynnette refers to it as “soul retrieval” because the parts of you that you are calling forth to heal, can heal and be integrated back into your whole self - and you can feel it happening. You begin to feel more whole, grounded and secure as you do the work. It builds up your self esteem and heals your self doubt.

The 6 Steps to Cultivate Self Love


How we speak to ourselves matters and it effects the way we feel - emotionally and physically. When we spiral into negative thoughts in general, we can start to feel them effect our bodies. Our stomachs might start to feel twisted or sore, it might start to drain our energy… These are physical signs that our thoughts are out of alignment with our core selves and it’s telling us that we need to pay attention to what we’re thinking. Negative self talk can be deeply embedded in our psyche from childhood and years and years of speaking to ourselves poorly. Begin being a witness to your thoughts and catching yourself in the act of negative self talk. This is the first step towards cultivating self love.

Lynnette’s suggestion is to pay attention to the physical symptoms and then when we catch ourselves in the act, to think (or say aloud) “CANCEL, CLEAR” and clear away the negative thought or self talk. Once we catch ourselves speaking negatively towards ourselves, we can replace the negative with a positive. If you really want to have a clear understanding of how poorly you speak to yourself, journal this process. Write down all of the negative things you say to yourself, every time you catch yourself in the act. Now, it’s not about shaming ourselves further for having the negative thoughts - but to get a clear sense of what our conditioned thought patterns are, and to replace them with positive ones.

I went through a process like this quite a few years ago and it has reshaped the way I think. Of course I still have negative thoughts or sink into negative spirals, but the way in which I speak to myself has drastically changed. Now, instead of using very harsh language towards myself, my negative slips are more about anxious thoughts or second guessing myself - which I am working on with these exact steps :)

So step one, find out how you really speak to yourself and begin to address yourself with a more loving tone and positive language.


As we begin to pay attention to the way we feel, it becomes more obvious when a negative emotion is active. Try to pay clear attention to this when it happens. You may feel sad, angry, anxious, depressed, heartbroken… Whatever the negative emotion is, let is arise. This step is VERY important.

Lynnette explains in the video that we have two sides of ourselves active all the time. The part of us that is living through our human experience, and the part of us that is a witness to it. This “silent witness” is a greater part of ourselves and is connected to our higher self, our soul; it is our greater awareness. When we are activated in a negative emotion, we need to let our greater awareness give love to the emotion. That emotion has become activated because it needs to be expressed and healed - and the way for it to do that is to be seen and heard, and loved.

So, say you become aware of your sadness. On an emotional level, your sadness is activated. You’re going to let yourself cry and feel that emotion. Put your hand on your heart and let your awareness be a witness to your sadness. Let your sadness have a voice. Give it space to be seen and heard. Let your sadness have an avenue to be expressed.

As you let the emotion move through you and be expressed, you give that part of yourself as much love as you can. Keep your hand on your heart and tell that part of yourself “I love you. I deeply, deeply love you. You are ok. You are so loved.”

When I was moving through these emotions, I asked that emotion to express all it needed to say. I would catch glimpses of memories and could feel that part of me expressing itself. I couldn’t discern any full sentences as it was happening, but could feel the full expression of the emotion within me.

After I felt that the emotion had fully expressed itself (as the full breadth of the emotion subsided), I actively gave love and gratitude for its expression and felt massive energy shifts within me - they have been pretty incredible experiences. It’s almost as if a massive weight is lifted off my shoulders, or a whoosh of energy shifts within me.

What I gave myself next was just pure love - like comforting a child, as this practice IS healing your inner child. These emotions will be surface level first, and as you work at it more and more, you will start to heal the deeper wounds within you.

Before you jump to the next step - gratitude and appreciation - make sure that your emotion has had a chance to fully be expressed. The full expression is the only way that part of you is going to heal and reintegrate with you (like the “soul retrieval” term I mentioned above). Giving your emotions/wounds a chance to express themselves is building trust within all the parts of you. Lynnette explains it as if your deep wounds are watching to see how the surface wounds are treated, to see if you can be trusted. I’ve heard this explained by the amazing Caroline Myss as well. We betray ourselves so often that the wounded parts of us no longer have trust towards us. They hide deep within us, keeping us wounded and compartmentalized. With this self love practice, we are healing our whole selves and rebuilding the trust we have for ourselves - that we won’t betray or hurt ourselves any more. Take a moment to consider this - really ponder how often you go back on your word or deny yourself something. It happens A LOT. We all do it! This practice does the deep work to, like I said above, HEAL OUR WHOLE SELVES. We are more complex than we realize.


After you have allowed the emotion to fully express itself and you’ve met it with deep love, you can begin to feel deep gratitude and appreciation for all of the parts of you; for all that you have to be grateful for.

This step is very important to help raise your vibration back up and to shift you back into the present moment.

Really feel the bliss that comes with gratitude and appreciation. This is a step in valuing yourself and all that you have been through up to this point in life. Feel your heart open wide as you recall all you have to be grateful for. Be grateful for the awareness to and guidance you’ve been given to follow through with this practice. Be grateful for all that you’re aware of and get to be a part of on this journey on Earth. Soak in all of the elements you have to be grateful for.


As you are feeling your way through gratitude and appreciation, feel yourself shift back into the present moment. Dive into the moment and let it be all there is.


As these emotions shift, heal and integrate, you will begin to feel better. You will feel more balanced and centered in your body. You will feel more confident and focused. Now it’s time to celebrate that! Celebrate these wins and witness the progress you’re making. Celebrate how far you’ve come and let it empower you.

Stop and celebrate before you move on to the next thing. You are making great progress and you can allow yourself to sit in that joy and happiness. Celebrate YOU and all that you have accomplished.


This step is reiterating what was said at the beginning. This practice is ONGOING. We must commit to continuing the healing. Life causes us to grow and change, the fly and to fall. We are going to go through more emotional upheaval. It is important to make a commitment to ourselves to keep working through our emotions and continue to value, appreciate and love ourselves no matter what.

The more dedicated you are to this practice, the deeper the healing will be. As I stated above, we need to build trust within ourselves to let the deeper healing occur. As we keep working through all the layers of ourselves, we can create what Lynnette calls “energy mastery.” We will move through the world as a master of our own energy. Let me elaborate: how we feel about ourselves is how others see us. When we are a master of our own energy - able to walk confidently, compassionately and deliberately along our path - we will radiate that energy out into the world. We will have the confidence to go after all that we desire because we love and value ourselves. Imagine how much that could positively impact your life?!

Thank you to Lynnette Duncan for letting me share this great practice and video. If you would like to learn more about her work, you can visit her website here.

If you try this out for yourself (which I REALLY, REALLY hope that you do), please share your experience below in the comments! I would LOVE to hear all about it! Also, if you have any questions about this article or the process, please feel free to ask.

Lots of love to you!



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The Zen of Floating at Zee Float


Last week I had the epic chance to try floating for the first time. ZEE FLOAT in York Blvd in Hamilton was offering a free float to first time floaters. WHO could pass up that deal! It was the universe signalling that it is time for me to finally try this therapy and boy am I ever happy I jumped on the opportunity.

My partner and I were both able to go at the same time - both experiencing it for the first time too. He was having problems with back pain and sciatic nerve pain so it seemed like the perfect time to have him try it also - if it could help, it’s so worth investigating!

Now before I dive into the full story of the experience, let’s talk a bit about what this therapy is all about.


Float Therapy involves getting into a sensory deprivation tank full of Magnesium Sulfate salts (aka Epsom Salts) that are so concentrated in water that your body actually floats. You climb into this closed tank that is a controlled atmosphere via temperature as well as air filtration to give you a sense of not actually sensing at all - no sound, no gravity, no vision, no smell - you are deprived of all of your senses and left to relax completely; deeper than you ever have before. It’s an unreal experience you really must explore!


As a person who has an active meditation practice, I was very interested in using this experience as a way to dive deeper into meditation. There was, I admit, a smaaaall part of me that was aware that I may feel slightly claustrophobic in a closed tank - but those feeling subsided quite quickly when I got in the tank. I’ll admit that the warm air was a tiny bit stuffy at first, but as you breath deeply and relax more fully, those feelings completely melt away.

Let’s talk about the ZEE FLOAT experience first though, before we dive into the time I spent floating :)


ZEE FLOAT is a beautiful space in downtown Hamilton - 430 York Blvd to be exact. You park at the back of the building and enter through ground level (actually basement level from York). When you first walk in, you are welcomed with a beautiful scent with hints of citrus and warm Ylang Ylang. You take off your shoes and the front desk is just to the left. We were greeted by lovely staff who went over the whole experience (so that we, as first time floaters, knew what to expect). We signed our waivers and were shown around the whole space. The energy and atmosphere of ZEE is that of pure relaxation. The music is chill, the staff are chill and the whole business seems to run on warm, welcoming vibes.

We were warned about any open cuts or freshly shaved areas - as the salts tend to burn and irritate these areas - and were advised to apply petroleum jelly (a small packet is provided) to those areas to seal them off from exposure to the salt. Then we were guided through the need for ear plugs (also provided and of the very best quality). As you are laying in the water for a long period of time (60-90 minutes), salts can settle into the ear canal and cause irritation. ZEE actually provides these amazing putty like ear plugs that are pressed into the ears and provide full, comfortable (and secure) coverage. They also provide a vinegar-water rinse just in case water does make its way into your ears.

ZEE want you to feel completely worry free and cared for with this experience, that is so very obvious with the way they run their business. Not only are the jelly and ear plugs provided, the soaps, conditioners, brushes, hair dryers, creams, deodorants etc. and also available to you post float. They even had a post-float relaxation room with tea, water, books, lounge chairs, an oxygen bar and experience journal. You kind of feel like you could just live there once you settle in :)

Overall, the experience with ZEE was fabulous and I would HIGHLY recommend experiencing it first hand. You will not regret it.


So, you have the whole room to yourself at ZEE, equipped with bench and hangers to store belongings, shower for pre float and post float, as well as all necessary soaps. You are required to fully undress and shower before the float, just to wash off any creams, soaps, etc. that may disrupt the balance of the float tank water. And yes, you heard me correctly - you float completely naked and FREE AS A BIRD. It’s an absolutely liberating detail. In order for you to be fully immersed in the experience of sensory deprivation, you need to lose the sensation of touch - and therefore anything touching your skin other than the water.

You open the lid to the tank and slowly lower yourself in, closing the door behind you. As you shift to get into the right position, your body pops right up to the surface of the water. You can try to force your body to sink but it pops right back up to the surface. Its a super unusual feeling but also exquisite.

When I got used to the feeling of zero gravity (as your body settles and the water settles, you can feel a slight bit of dizziness with your movement on the water ) I adjusted my body to the most comfortable position. I placed my hands above my head which felt the most supported and allowed my shoulders and back to remain aligned and relaxed.

The first few minutes were devoted to settling in and letting my body learn how to relax more and more. I realized how much tension I hold in my neck and felt the release as my neck relaxed more and more, allowing my head to naturally float with the rest of my body. When my partner discussed it afterwards, he became aware of the exact points where he holds tension in his body and spent a lot of the time focusing on relaxing those points. It is such a great tool to become deeply aware of how your body is actually feeling and how deeply you are able to relax.


I have to say, the idea of reaching an even deeper meditative state while floating was the thing that drew me in the most. With nothing left to distract you, you can focus your mind exactly where you want and use it to reach higher states of awareness within the mind.

I used my time to ask for guidance, specific guidance from a guide. As I listened for the response, I was asked to be fully present in the experience I was in and that that was my guidance. As I lay there, I became aware that these points were my points of guidance:

  • I am fully supported

  • I can feel full bliss; be fully blissful

  • I can let go completely

  • I can relax into it fully and still be supported

  • I can listen deeply to my body

  • I can ask for guidance

  • I can let go and listen fully

I felt fully blissed out and completely joyful with these responses. Not only was I asked to be present fully, but to see this present experience as a metaphor for deeper knowledge within. Knowledge that fully applies to the shifts and changes I happen to be going through in my life right now.

I then took the opportunity to ask for healing and release from my various guides and spiritual team. I can’t express enough how BLISSFUL it felt to have all of these elements aligned at that moment. Float therapy can be profound, if you allow yourself to fully immerse into it.

I hope that this article was fun and informative for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it!

If you have any thoughts or comments to add - or experiences of your own you’d like to share - PLEASE feel free to add them below. I ALWAYS LOVE hearing from you!

Much love and hugs,



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Vlog - Body Scan Guided Meditation

I did it!

My first ever Instagram Live video was broadcast yesterday and I was so thrilled I had finally done it. Yes I was scared and worried I would mess up but I did it anyway, I did it scared, and it was all ok! :)

In case you missed the live broadcast (as I did it on a whim and didn’t really let anyone know…hehe), I am posting the video here for you. It is a 20 minute meditation that I lead you through to help bring you in harmony with your body. I call it the Body Scan because we scan the body for discomfort, pain or misalignment. Once we’ve found the areas that need love and focus, we bring our awareness to them, give them borders and bring them out of the body into the earth. The areas are then sent loving, vibrant light to help bring healing.

So if you have 20 minutes to yourself, please watch this video and let me know what you think about the meditation. I have found great success with it, for myself and my clients, to bring greater awareness to how we are feeling in our bodies. Being more aware of how we feel in our bodies can help us to honour our bodies and bring love to the areas that need focus and comfort.

So find a spot in your home where you can be undisturbed for 20 minutes, get cozy, and press play :)

If you enjoyed this video, please feel free to share with friends. If this was helpful for you, I would love to hear about your experience below! Whatever your experience was, I would love to hear about it below :)



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